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الخميس، 19 يناير 2012

LAM ( Lactational amenorrhea method )

LAM ( Lactational amenorrhea method )

 a temporary contraceptin ption for postpartum women

to use LAM women must be:
within 6 months postpartum
fully Or nearly fully breast feeding
succesfull rate more than 98%

mechanism of action
infant sucking of nipple >>>> hypothalamus >>>> increase prolatin RH & decrease GnRH >>>>> pitutary >>>> increase prolactin & decrease FSH & LH >>>> Supress ovulation

Advantage of LAM
Available to all breastfeeding women
98% effective
protection begins immediatly postpartum
Health benifits of breastfeeding for mother & infant
no commodities or supplies

Disadvantage Of LAM
Fully Or nearly fully breast feeding may be difficult to mantain for some women due to socail circumstances
No STI or HIV protection
Duration of menthod limited
LAM is temporary method

other contraceptive option for breastfeeding women

started immediatly postpartum:
Barrier methods
Female sterilization

Started 6 weeks postpartum:
progestin-only pills (POPs)
progestin-only injectables (DMPA , NET-EV)
subdermal implants
Hormonal IUS

Started 6 months postpartum:
combined oral contraception
combined monthly injectables
vaginal ring relening estrogen & progestagen


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