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الاثنين، 26 ديسمبر 2011

جارات و الالات

Ahmad Mostafa
-identification of specimen
jar contaning a surgical specimen most propably gall bladder ... capicious organ with fundus , body & neck .
-post-operative ... stitsh marks
-pathology ... thickened wall .. cholycystitis
Q, complications?

-identification of specimen
part of breast .. nipple areola
-post-operative ... simple mastectomy
Q, skin manifestations ?
Q, types of glands in areola?

Q, types of prostatism?

-identification of specimen... cut section of thyroid gland ... 2lobes & isthmus
-post-operative ..... subtotal thyroidectomy
Q, MEN1 & 2?
Q, wermer test ?

-identification of specimen ... appendix .. long tubular structure with mesoappendix
-post-operative .... appendicectomy .. stitch over base

traumatic & pathological spleen
Q, causes of huge spleen ?
Q, hypersplenism?
Q, splenic index ?

any instrument u must know:
4-method of sterilization

دى الات اللى شوفناها

-skin knife graft

-Beck's dilator ... dilate ampulla of vater + click sign
Q, choledoctomy? sphincterotomy ?

-forceps .. toothed & non toothed

-handle of scalpel

-artery forceps .. curved & straight

-mosquito forceps

-needle holder

-backock ... delicate tissues e.g intestine

-langenbeck's skin retractor

-allis forceps ... tough structures e.g fascia

-appendicectomy forceps

-Rt angle forceps ... cholecystectomy clamp .. in cholecystectomy & ligation of
sup.thyroid pedicle

-non crushing intestinal clamp... used in resection & anastomosis

-towel clips


-kocher forceps ... crushing base of app. in appenicectomy + crushing intestinal
clamp in resection & anastomosis

-arterial clamp ... hemostasis of splenic or renal pedicle

-scissor's .. dissection (blunt tip ) or stitch (pointed tip )

-retractor ... muscle retractor & organ retractor

-vein stripper

-N-G tube ... suction irrigation in hematemesis+ feeding in coma & intestinal obest. + gastric sampling in poisoning

-foley's cath . ...used in gastrostomy + in cholecystectomy if GB is filled with pus

دا اللى لقيته ف الكشكول البمبى :).. لو فيه حاجه غلط او ناقصه ياريت حد يكتبها

دا لينك لكتاب المطرى ف الالات .. هو كبير بس ممكن نذاكر اللى علينا بس

و دا لينك لشرح الالات بطريقه اكثر اختصارا


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