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دى حاجات دكتور جمال اللى قال عليها مهمه فى الكتاب الصغير بتاع الاوبراتيف

mask must cover mouth & nose

hands & forearms are scrubbed for 3-5 min with betadine 

langer's lines ..... skin creases along which we open a swelling for better cosmotic appearance

types of suture materials 
a-natural e.g chromic gut
b-synthetic e.g Dexon
2-non absorbable
a-natural e.g silk
b-synthetic e.g prolene

size of suture materials ranges from 10/0 up to 4

aspiration of cold abscess
-wide bore needle
-valvular mechanism
-in non dependent area
-inject streptomycin

how to drain breast abscess
-radial incision
-dependent part .. if not use drain

drainage of anorectal abscess
-cruciate incision with excision of edges to transfer it into diamond shaped cavity 

Hilton's method of drainage of abscess
-incision in direction of skin creases
-dissection (clean) in direction of important structures

enucleation of benign swelling e.g lipoma , sabecous cyst via elliptical incision over it , while enculation of malignant swelling is via elliptical incision around it with safety margin 

venous cut down is done in upper limb at cephalic vein present above styloid process of raduis , while it is not done at long saphenous vein to preserve it for grafting

venous cut down is indicated when peripheral veins are difficult to locate through skin as in dehydrated , shocked & mal-nourished patient 

time of circumcision is 30 - 40 day 
not before 30 day except after giving the baby Vit. K & coagulation profile
not after 40 day except UGA

اللى علينا ف الكتاب التانى 
cholecystectomy .. open & lap.
hernia op.
abdominal incisions

شويه لينكات لعمليت منهم للى يحب يشوفها ع اليوتيوب


lap. cholecystectomy

لينك الجارات و الالات


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